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  • Hengyuan proposes the concept of sustainable development - a green factory

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  • Saveenergy
    Strengthen energy management, adopt measures that are technically feasi-ble, economically reasonable, and environmentally and socially sustain-able, from energy production to consumption, reduce consumption, reducelosses and pollutant emissions, stop waste, and effectively and reasonablyutilizeenergy.

    Reduce energy consumption
    Energy conservation and emission reduction include two major technologicalfields: energy conservation and emission reduction, which are both relatedand different. Emission reduction projects must strengthen the applicationof energy-saving technologies to avoid the surge in energy consumptioncaused by one-sided pursuit of emission reduction results, and focus onbalancing socialand environmental benefits.

    Green manufacturing
    Green manufacturing is a modern manufacturing model based on the conceptof full lifecycle, which comprehensively considers the coordination of re-source efficiency and environmental impact.

    Product green design
    According to the concept of green management throughout the entire productlifecycle, following the principles of minimizing energy and resource con-sumption, minimizing ecological and environmental impacts, and maximizingrenewable rates, we will develop and promote green products from point toarea,release green product catalogs, and guide green production.

    Green supply chain management
    Consider environmental issues at all stages of the supply chain, pay at-tention to environmental protection, and promote coordinated developmentbetween the economy and the environment. There is no unified definition ofgreen supply chain management in the theoretical community, but the over-all view is to increase environmental protection awareness on the basis ofsupply chain management, and integrate "no waste or pollution", "no harm-ful components", and "no side effects throughout the entire supply chain.

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