Customized / CUSTOMIZED

Ningbo Hengyuan Garment Co., Ltd. is a design and development, professional clothing manufacturer production and sales. With years of uniform production experience, with the volume of customized business. Since the establishment of our factory, by the new and old customers. Annual production of millions of units, a variety of modern machinery preparation facilities, the management of personnel and staff to carry out a professional training. Excellent solid production line and excellent young management team is our enterprise to provide quality assurance!

Create value for customers is that we have been pursuing the goal, we firmly believe that only a win-win situation is the development direction of the enterprise, we will, as always, in strict accordance with the requirements of customers, produce good quality products, in order to return customer support and trust! Believe that our faith will be exchanged for the favor of the market, we believe that the quality of our products will stand out in the competition;
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