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Ningbo free trade zone was established in 2000 Beyond Garments clothing, specializing in foreign trade clothing export trade company came into being.

In 2002 the Beilun purchase building, incorporated in Beyond Garments Co. ltd..

2004 Ningbo lion Garments Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in the production of jacket production enterprises.

February 2005 Beyond Garments Co. Ltd. production, production enterprise specializing in the production and processing of the suit.

2006 June Ningbo lion apparel Co., Ltd. relocation to Beilun Industrial Park, and incorporation of NINGBO ROYAL GARMENTS Co., Ltd., specializing in jackets, shirts and other series of clothing production, processing, and production type enterprise

From 2004 to 2008 in Ningbo in apparel Co., limited investment in the establishment of the Ningbo grand home Co., Ltd., and in Beilun Development to purchase central landscape building, construction area of 57000 square, two respectively 30 and 19 layer hardcover residence.

Completed and delivered to the central landscape building in 2011.

2011 Beyond Garments Co., Ltd. invested Ningbo Heng Di car sales Service Co., Ltd. was established, Hengyuan into the automotive industry.

2011 Ningbo Heng Di auto sales & Service Co., Ltd. successfully got the FAW Volkswagen Audi authorized

2012 Beyond Garments Co., Ltd. gorgeous, the land transfer providers work ", become the Beilun District first retreat into three enterprises.

April 2012 Ningbo Heng di Audi 4S store successfully opened, becoming the first luxury car 4S store in Beilun District, will achieve annual sales of 1800 Audi, annual sales will exceed one billion yuan.

2014 Beyond Garments Co., Ltd. investment established Ningbo Heng public auto sales Services Co., Ltd. and get a FAW Volkswagen 4S shop authorization.

2015 FAW Volkswagen 4S store successfully opened, is the company following the Audi 4S store opened second car 4S stores, ushered in the automotive sector development and a big important moment


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