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  • Beyand will continue to emolve and update for customers, Global Recycled Standard

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  • Is 2000, Beyond emharked on the journey of serving customers. Since then, we have continued to provide custoners with innovative value that exceeds custrert expeetations,
    As an eco-envirommental innovator,weprovide custoners with products and sorvices that improvg their quality of life, innovate their lifestyles, and lend green technology.

    Beyond core value is that makes everyone empathize and strive to practice.Customer first,teamwork, embrace change, integrity,passion.
    Today,all staffs of Beyond are still practicing technology and service innovation to create a rich life for customers.
    . Core culture: integrated innovation,perseverance, forge ahead, dare to be the first
    . Enterprise spirit: pioncering and enterprising,sustainable development.
    .Team values: customer first, teamwork,embrace change, integrity,passion.
    . Employee values: improve a little bit every day,infinitely close to zero defects.
    .Professional ethics: integrity and compliance,beautify life.

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